January 19, 2017

Details for the second BYRDI album

March 17th, 2017 will be released the BYRDI' second album "Urkraft".

Nash Rothanburg comments : 
"Ansur - Urkaft" is an album with a wider variety of expressions, not only the album as whole, but also within each song. You may sit down in a meadow and listen to an old fairytale-like song where the message is "listen to the old people, they know what they are talking about", and another song will make you stand in the sunset, in awe, and listen to the song of the night to come. You may also find songs making you want to pack your knapsack and head for the mountains. "Ansur - Ukraft" just feels more like living, where you have ups and downs, meet new people and focus on your life on a slightly different angle than before.

01. Blaanane Blaa
02. Ansur
03. Tid
04. Den Kvasse Nut
05. Myrpesten
06. Ren
07. Celebrata
08. Graanande Ymir
09. Lite Vet Mennesket

Pre-orders can be to Trollmusic, through SPKR webshop.

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