January 10, 2017

HEIDRA : video for Lone Warrior (acoustic track)

HEIDRA.unveiled their official video for Lone Warrior (acoustic) song 
that will be released for free in a few days in the end.

Update February 2017 : 
Mistake from band's communication : but the song won't be for free download.

The band added :
A big thanks to Henrik Stendahl, Ken Morgenstjærne and Laura Beck (Huldre) for helping us make this happen. 
Music credits:
Morten Bryld - Vocals, piano
Martin W. Jensen - Guitar
Carlos G.R. - Guitar
Dennis Stockmarr - Drums
Laura Beck - Guest violin 
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Henrik Stendahl
Produced and directed by Carlos G.R.

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  1. very nice performance, thx 4 share this one here !!!


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