January 18, 2017

LA BREICHE debut album out soon

Arexis and Lafforgue (STILLE VOLK) are members from LA BREICHE band that will release "Le Mal Des Ardents" album in this february 6th, 2017. "Holy Fire" is the meaning for the album title that deals with fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism.

During the 10th century, Ademar de Chabannes, a French monk, described some mysterious ailment which affected peasants in the Limousin region of France- causing spasms, convulsions, hallucinations and consuming the victims’ bodies with some invisible fire. People suspected witchcraft, possession of the devil. But these illnesses were in fact due to poisoning through by a parasite in the rye grain… Fear and terror spread throughout the country. It coupled with many Medieval fears, including famine, war, violence, death, plague, leprosy…

“Here we are in this fictitious state, transforming images and feelings. We are interested in producing free and expressive music, pertaining to evocative themes, which we riddle through reason, philosophy and poetry.”
01. Le Mal Des Ardents (4:38)
02. La Nef Des Fous (6:46)
03. Apôtres Du Chaos (1:53)
04. Froide Lune (5:46)
05. Enfers (8:04)
06. L’Oracle Du Soleil (3:37)
07. L’Antre Du Pesteux (7:13)

Pre-orders are available to the label page.

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