January 15, 2017

NYTT LAND new album soon

NYTT LAND shared the following news :
Already in the next couple of weeks it is expected the big release of our new flagship creation entitled "Fimbulvinter"! this time he'll be increased circulation, compared with the previous releases, including expect and sells vinyl.
True with edition on vinyl came out a little interesting story - we're a little did not take into account the limited size of the format for the duration of possible record for him. And this is the limitation of the entire 45 minutes. So there's been a bit of a sacrifice for a duration of sound and to make some correction. By the way, this time the album was written entirely in the use of analog equipment, just specially for full sound on vinyl formats, and with the masteringe were prepared 2 different versions of - for CD and vinyl and think amateurs "warm" sound will appreciate this))

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