January 20, 2017

SKILTRON interview online

I interviewed SKILTRON about their new album "Legacy Of Blood", the band, and touring.

01. Hi Emilio! The band founded in 1997 and got several line-up change. What happened between you all and, did the new changes helped in SKILTRON sound, a lot ?
The band was actually formed in 2003, but in 1997 we had another band that was the genesis for SKILTRON. Of course is normal that in so many years we had a lot of changes in the line up. Being in a band, recording, touring, etc is not easy and is very demanding, so its a long process until you find the right people. 
The current line up was together for the last 3 years now and is working really well.

02. I noticed that Pereg Ar Bagol, your bagpiper, is from France and you guys are located to Argentina. How do you work for rehearsal and everything with Pereg Ar Bagol as it may not be easy by distance but also, he is part of the band BOISSON DIVINE and may have other projects as bagad… I won’t be surprised as last. So, how do you do working all together ?
Since we started playing in Europe we are mainly based in Europe, and normally we meet in Germany for rehearsals before the tour.
Also we have Martin who is from England, so we think this is the best way for getting together. Everyone practice at home and then, we have one or two weeks for rehearse with the full band.

03. SKILTRON freshly released the 5th album of the band “Legacy Of Blood”. What is it about ?
I think that is the most mature album of the band. The songs are very solid and I think it a proper
continuation of the sound we try to give. Also it was really quick to produce and record. We did it in less than 1 year, since the begging of the songwritting until it was released.

04. Can you describe story of the songs ?
It has some different topics, always continuing the kind of lyrics that the band has from the beginning. Of course there are a lot Scottish related themes and also personal perspectives but always given in a epic kind of writting.
My favourite is Sawyney Bean Clan, which is a real history of a cannibals family from the 17th century. 
I think people should read them by themselves and get their own appreciations.

05. What is your best memory of the recent September / October tour ?
That was very long! but without doubts one fantastic experience for the band. We played 60 shows in 20 countries.
We were very happy to see the reaction of the fans in places we have never been before. 

06. Have you got positive feedbacks regarding the tour 2016 and new album ?
Yeah! It was a very postive year, and the album and the tour was really well received by the people, so we are very happy about that. Let's hope in 2017 we can still doing it as well.

07. Do you plan to make official video, promoting the full length ?
We didn't, because as we were saying before we dont have the chance of being all together too often, so its hard to find the time. But is somethin' we would like to do some day.

08. What are your next plans ?
In March we have our first tour in Japan, which we will share with EQUILIBRIUM and SUIDAKRA, and we are sure it will be great! Also we are trying to arrange a South American tour and probably Europe again by the end of the year.

09. Is Celtic and Trad Folk Music, one big influence for your band ?
Yes sure, traditional music was and influence, and its like half of our sound. Still nowadays..

10. Would you recommend some Folk bands that influenced SKILTRON ?
Of course SKYCLAD was the band that most influenced us, but even that what we do is very different. We try to build our own sound.

11. Can you remind here where is available your new album, Legacy Of Blood ?
The album is available at our webshop http://www.skiltron.net/shop/

Thank you for the interview, Emilio!
Thank you!

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