February 15, 2017

New track by KINGS & BEGGARS

"We gladly present to you first single from our upcoming album currently in works. This track is some kind of bridge between our old and new sound.

Album will be based on one of most popular medieval collection of songs "Cantigas de Santa María". It’s monophonic paraliturgical songs written in Galician-Portuguese (also known as Old Portuguese or Medieval Galician) in mensural notation. Cantigas were performed during church celebrations. Virgin Mary and all of her virtues and miracles are praised in those songs. Their stories are about life of Alfonso X El Sabio and his family, and local legends and tales. Big and small miracles are praised in cantigas such as: story how Virgin Mary defeated basilisk an dragon in Toledo, how she saved drunken monks sinking in the river near Salamanca, how she cured dying horse, punished thiefs, helped monks to get water against will of greedy knight and many more…

The song what we present to you called "Como poden per sas culpas", tells the story of a man who suffered an illness that twisted his limbs and left him crippled because of his sins. He stayed that way for five years. He vowed that if he were cured he would take a quantity of wax to Salas every year. He was immediately cured. Without delay, he went to Salas with the wax. Although he had not walked for a long time, he was nimble and felt no pain.They thanked and praised Mary for the miracle", published the band.

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