March 16, 2017

16.06.2017 will be released the new ODROERIR album

"Das Erbe unserer Ahnen" is the title for the next ODROERIR album planned to be released the 16.06.2017.

The title means “The heritage of our ancestors”  and the artwork aside shows the megalithic tomb Heringsberg also known as Grimschleben 1 or Ihringsbreite. This gigantic stone tomb is located near Grimschleben in the Salzlandkreis von Saxony Anhalt / Germany. According to an ancient myth the Thuringian hero Iring is said to be buried here, as the name of the grave slightly indicates. Other interpretations claim that prince Buzico (Dietrich von Buzici) has found his final resting place here. The current queen of England is a descendent of his lineage. Of course neither of the two is really buried here as this monument was erected already in the Neolihic Age.

Band composer Fix adds: “This picture metaphorically expresses the historic and mystic continuity of the song´s content. A beautiful 5000 year-old cultural monument from the Neolithic Age which has been used for burials from the Bronze Age and is also shrouded with medieval myths.“

The album will be released as a standard music CD as well as A5 Digi CD with an added bonus DVD. Expect many guest performances from the band´s musical circle of friends. The footage used in the videos comes from several hiking and biking trips compiled from the Fix´s vault over the years. Nature scenes and cultural monuments are the main focus. 

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