I founded Sword Chant on november 10, 2007. It started with a forum and this blog is up since august 25, 2013.
This site deals with Folk Metal, Celtic Music, Traditional, Medieval & Pagan Folk/Rock.

Folk Metal is an eclectic music within metal (heavy, black, death, power...) and Folk Music (traditional folk, celtic, medieval...). Instruments used are the common guitar, bass, drums and synth some times, but also violin, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, and other ancestral folk instruments.

Lyrics are mostly based on Celtic and Norse mythologies, paganism, nature, the past times and wars left behind but fantasy ones can also be found. Find here lyrics and their translations to English or French. My ambition is to give people the opportunity to understand lyrics written in foreign languages.

You will find official music videos into the videos' part of the menu while full streaming for records and shows are available into the full stream part.

Interviews and reviews are on this site. Sword Chant supports bands, respecting their rights, and sharing their news, their crowd funding projects, their new releases and concerts, but also with "Eld" that is designed to help Folk Metal music and Culture overall.

Sword Chant stands against hate in all its way.

Be welcome!

Questions related to this site :

Is this website related with religion ?
No, this website is not related with religion but Music. Bands and artists play music within lyrics oriented pagan, christian, nature, mythology, history, fantasy, and more. Everybody is welcome here.

Politic and Sword Chant ?
Your political view doesn't matter but Sword Chant stands against hate in all its way.

How to get bandpage on this site ?
You will find all informations to that link : http://sword-chant.blogspot.com/p/bands_1.html

I want to share lyrics and translations on Sword Chant but ...how ?
Bands can send me their lyrics and translated lyrics if all rights owners related with the content agree with it.
Write explicit email giving me permission to share here official lyrics, official/unofficial translations attached (no link!).

How can I know the ended support for band, on this site ?
I don't support bands promoting hate in one way or another. Changed style is one other element.

Why do you ban artwork or video ?
Pretty rare but I may refuse to share artwork or video because I don't want to hurt the people through things available on this website and, everybody should feel concerned from a moment something is going to be shared to the public. Some symbols related with world war shouldn't feat. on artwork. Runes or Ogham shouldn't be a problem since they are Norse and Celtic writing, like shorthand is.

You can ban video but sometimes, you don't despite video that may hurt. How does it work ?
This depends of the level of hurt. If the video may hurt while it isn't high level, I share and write things like I wouldn't suggest to sensitive people to watch that video. Either they follow my words, either they don't. Sword Chant is not responsible for their behavior but I warn them.
Sensitive people means young children, hypersensitive ones or again, the ones who lived atrocious attacks.
I think band and everyone related with the making of the video should feel responsibles for their art planned to be shared world wide web. Of course, I won't share video if the level of hurt appears like high.

Why don't you share the video ?
I only share videos from official sources (band, label...).

What about Folk/Punk ?
This website deals with Pagan/Folk Metal, and Folk Music (Celtic, Medieval, Trad, Pagan Folk/Rock and World music related with). That's big enough!

How to report something ?
If you find out something wrong here, or something that hurts, you can email me at anytime. I want you safe here.