September 19, 2010

Pimeä Metsä

LOCATION : Madrid, Spain

Status : On Hold
Music : Folk Metal

Angel Flores "Enkeli" : vocals, bodhran, jaw's harp
David Chas : rhythm guitar, choirs
Hugo Pérez : lead guitar, choirs
Juanto Viana : bass guitar, choirs
Miguel Morón "Proto" : keyboard, accordion, choirs
Pablo Carmona : drums, choirs

Past members :
Dimitri Nezet : bass
Vladimir : bass
Antonio Bermejo : bass
Ernesto : bass
Alex : vocals

Pimeä Metsä is Finnish for "dark forest". David Chas, Juanto Viana, and Proto formed the band in December 2006 and things became more serious since Angel Flores joined.

Beneath the Northern Lights, demo 2010
Legacy of the Heathen North, album 2013 [ details ]
No Blood No Glory, album 2016 [ details ]


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