Dawn of Frost EP by FROSTTIDE reviewed

The cover from this recent FROSTTIDE EP made of 7 tracks doesn’t amaze me much. But it may be a question of taste, I guess. Lyrics are in the booklet, good thing, and that kind of “effect” from letters about lyrics is nice.

1/ Dawn
This is a soft & majestic instrumental track introducing the CD where the keyboard & guitars are the main instruments. It goes a little the same way as Ensiferum’s tracks 1 for each of their respective albums. Let’s hope they won’t act same as Ensiferum about cd-intros because this way is Ensiferum one already. Moreover, this Frosttide introduction is very well composed!

2/ Victory sign
This song, starting with drums for a second, is good right after that intro. Then all the instruments come in. Guitars & drums are dynamic, powerful.
Guitars separate playing their respective parts after 17 seconds. Actually, this is the part played for the chorus of this song : one rhythmic & the other one more melodic.

One word spent after the next 17 seconds and riff changes to another one : the verse riff. 
The instruments look like into “battle” : Very amazing :)

The singing starts its verse at 0.50… …Then is the chorus, followed by another verse (1.22) … & stops at 1.38 awhile the instruments are playing the intro. Next, its verse sung on the chorus music.

A break comes in at 2.10. Actually the riff is just muted at the beginning of this break, then they are playing with that riff (not muted) & tones – to make it sounds different. 
But the 47 seconds next – everyone plays the chorus. At 3.29 is the verse part for all. – intro – chorus – end.

The final result of the recording for the singing (I don’t mean the band) could have been a bit better, different… but the song itself is great. Riffs are catchy! Again, this is well composed. 

3/ Fields of snow
This time, the guitar player starts the song & the others follow. This introduction part is also the verses one. Hm I would cut that part from 0.30 to 0.39 but that’s ok… Before that little part, that’s fine. Only, I think the change of riff (0.23) shorten, would be better, here on that intro part only.

The singing starts at 0.39. Music changes at 1.10, nice part, then is chorus at 1.26. They played with different tone here again, concerning music.
1.40 are powerful riffs, helped by the drummer too. A nice solo is coming after & at 2.43 : the whole part verse/chorus is back. The text changes only. :-)

The tone’s changes were good in this track. 

4/ Faceless foe
The song begins with soft but fast beats, then are clean strings for short time and 17 seconds after the beginning… We can hear the distortion… that thing every metalheads enjoy, you know…
Well, this part is on chorus. Maybe the next part (0.34) could remind Ensiferum a little for some of you, but music is relative…

Too bad the vocals recording isn’t as great as Ensiferum’s jari or petri ones tho… the verses are like untidy kinda…/ So the verse’ singing appears at 0.49. The guitars there sound really amazing! ^^
1.05/1.12 are stronger guitars & second verse enters next. Things are strong & fast in this song. Then chorus is. 

The short part that is in between verses is back for longer time at 1.44 within one lead. 2.15 yet another change. Nice melody. 3.01 is another verse and at 3.17 is chorus played two times but the music tone increased a little while the second one. Nice idea. The track ends with that part from 1.05.

5/ Yksi Askel Kerrallaan
This intro reflecting the part after chorus is really powerful! Guitar players, keyboardist and every musician are there.
0.32 to 0.46 is a new riff rather clean. …But the distortions are added after on that riff and refer to the verses part.

Next is verse. The singing changes a bit from the previous tracks, that’s good. Of course, I don’t mean the language. Next, its a new, fast, rhythmic & short riff then 2nd verse & chorus can be. The strings attacks are dosed on that chorus, based on same tempo.

At 1.58 is that intro part then the instruments stop suddenly until to go back progressively on that short riff before the second verse (2.22) but this time, that last is played more times.
A melodic part is (2.37) & continues its way while the verse.

3.09 is chorus. Next, we can hear melo guit where its beginning is based on that short riff. 
3.41 is rhythmic riff from beginning, the one that prepares the listener to the following verse.
4.12 Is suddenly VERY soft …but nice too! Then it’s the last chorus.
After, one sentence is spent while the melo part from 2.37.
The song ends with its respecting intro part.Very nice!

6/ Unforgettable journey
Every member’s here, enjoying distortion over slow tempo - Nice, so is the next clean part within faster beats. All the good elements for metal are at 0.40 with more beats added.
Well, that riff is also the verse one. That’s another good one by the way.

The first verse starts at 0.58. After is that intro part for 15 seconds. Then for chorus is intro again but with higher tone. 

The singing for that song isn’t amazing. I quote from the lyrics : "are you ready to travel with us ?" and my answer would be "No, I'm not". Indeed, I need to believe those lyrics…

Yet another verse & chorus but we don’t find that intro part between those. Before & awhile the next verse (2.37), the music may be unforgettable by the listener.
After, we can hear a fantastic lead guitar, until the intro clean part at last. And we skip to the first verse, and then we skip to the chorus. All in all, there’s no time for just music between those.

Well, this song is the one I like less… 
1] I need to believe those lyrics, I need “to travel” indeed ….Because I really don’t…/ 
2] The intro/chorus is nicely played but it’s a wee too much – at least for me - Then I guess it depends of tastes from everyone.
3] I think they can make much better that song, after heard the tracks above. I don’t know but something is missing in the music.
4] Too bad that beautiful lead guitar was really short because it didn’t give me time “to take off” at least a little…

The verse & clean parts concerning instruments were the ones I liked the most in this song. So is that short lead to the end, of course.

7/ Celebration potion
We can hear wild drums on the first second and the other instruments come next.
Strings are like tortured while the keyboardist focuses on drums. Its fast, very fast…..Strong & wild! 
They change riff for a softer one, staying in the same tempo, still. 

After one minute from the song, that last riff played with distortion. Also, this is the main riff.
The singing starts at the following 17 seconds. The Main riff played, still. That same riff played by the rhythmic guitar between the first two verses, but meanwhile, we can hear the other guitar leading fine too. I noticed the singing is badly organized for a tiny part from the 2nd verse. Actually, the singing ends a sentence like “tomorrow-head” although from lyrics: 
“Don’t worry about tomorrow…” “…Head acting….” etc… Also, if the “& now” could be sung with more rage in the voice…. It could be fine.

Once more, they change melody (2.00) for the chorus of song. Hmm…..I’d wish the singer to sing within more heart for “celebrate” word. Well at least, it doesn’t bother for the song BUT it doesn’t sound….how to say…. Like “an unforgettable moment” Razz

2.15 The lead is playing the main riff but differently, more melodic. And the rhythmic follow then.
2.38 about is same thing under another tone. From 2.53 to 3.05 is rather calm… 
3.05 The nervous instruments are back & are based on the melody from the previous part.
The last verse starts after 18 seconds. Music didn’t change but many beats are added. We can hear a great solo from 3.36 to 4.06 or until the chorus restarts. The song ends with its respective intro.

The song is great! But I await some more work from the singer…

To conclude :
- About the recording :
In my opinion, something is wrong with the vocal tracks from the recording. I don’t mean the band’s work or singer work but the CD could sound much better, I think. 
Well, that’s their first record too. The CD itself is good because the compos are good. Just, I wanted to underline that point. They are young, so I guess the quality problem will be away on future records.

- Now about the band :
They have some very good ideas about music but we can feel that Ensiferum infl. a lot in their compos. They need to find the Frosttide sound, still.
They control their instruments with perfection. I noticed nothing wrong about.
However, the singing needs to be worked more, about feelings but also the way of singing… 
And I think a work on breathing is needed because he seems like limited. Nevermind, he’s a on the good way and remember he’s young: then that limit is quite normal.