November 10, 2015

ALAN STIVELL released Amzer

ALAN STIVELL's new album is entitled "Amzer" (time). The record is available in digital here and CD in various shops.

01. NEw' AMzer
02. AmZErioù all
03. Kesa no haru
04. MINtin NEw 'HAÑv
05. An Tostañ d'an harzoù
06. Postscript
07. KAla-GoAÑv
08. What Could I Do?
09. KErzu
10. Purple Moon
11. Halage
12. Echu ar GoAÑv ?
13. NEw' Amzer 2 (alternative mix) [Bonus Track]
14. What Could I Do? (alternative mix) [Bonus Track]
15. En Enor da Séamus (harp solo) [Bonus Track]

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