December 14, 2015


LOCATION : Terrassa, Catalonia, Spain

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Martí Páez : vocals, lyre
Nil Lapedra : guitars, accordion
? : bass
David Saus : drums
Carles Soler : guitars, keyboards

Past members :
Joan Marc Rodriguez : guitars
Marc Sisó : bass
Marc Josep : bass
Xavi Mundó : drums
Albert Alba : keyboard, flute, bagpipes
Bianca Antohe : bass
Georgina : keyboards
Alba Logan : bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, violin, gralla, tarota and other  catalan traditional wind instruments.
Roger Cucurella : keyboards, gralla, low gralla and other  catalan traditional wind instruments

Forja was born as a power metal musical project that sings in Catalan, brought to life in 2012 in Terrassa by Martí Páez­, Albert Alba, Joan Marc Rodriguez, Xavi Mundó and Marc Sisó. Later, the line-up changed some times, making the band on hold due to the missing members.until David Saus and Carles Soler join in 2014, followed by Nil Lapedra. Meanwhile, the band leaves power metal for folk metal. Summer 2015, Line-up change in may 2016 again.

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