December 15, 2015

ILLDÅD debut album soon

ILLDÅD will release in digital their debut album entitled "Bland bot och sot" on January 25, 2016. 
The physical format will be a bit later.

The album title describes what witches or some beings could do to humans, They could do good things but also bad things... That is the concept of the record full of Swedish folklores, happy and not.
Anton Tordås confessed to Sword Chant : "I have also decided to put two of my old ones on the album which is "Herrarna i hagen" and "Månskensdans" which have been re recorded of course. I have also made a cover of the song "Far" which is a great song made by a swedish acktor/folksinger called Allan Edwall. The riffs and melodies of the album have been more tricky this time just because i want them to be absolutly perfect and want people to catch on the very first time they here them. in comparison to the last EP this record have a lot more heavy riffs, faster guitars, more melodies but also A LOT more of my session singer Alexandra linn. "
01. Illdåd (intro)
02. Månskensdans
03. Gruvmaja
04. Fyllefader
05. Moder natur
06. Far (Allan Edwall cover)
07. Småtteknytt
08. Tidens bot
09. Herrarna i hagen

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