December 01, 2015

Xipe Vitan Jä'I / Xipe Totek Kalpul

LOCATION : Federal District, Mexico

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Thubini Mästöhö : lead vocals, quena, tlapitsaltsin, ayoyomej, coyoltsin, huaje
Matlakyei Mikistli : rhythmic guitar, vocals, cuatro venezolano (traditional Venezuela guitar)
Uaxack : percussions, tlapitsaltsin, ueutetl, pan-ueuetl, ayoyomej, coyoltsin, huaje
Tliluetska : lead guitar, vocals
M.A.N.U. : drums
Ed : bass

Past members :
Imix Ox : rhythmic guitar
Ah-Pouch Miktlantecujtli : drums

Previously known as "Xipe Totek Kalpul", Xipe Vitan Jä'I founded early 2006 by members influenced by heavy metal and traditional music. Lyrics of the songs are in the native language of mexicans as for example, there are songs in Nauatlajtoli (popular known as Nahuatl) and Hñäñü (popular Known as Otomi). Sometimes after the release of their debut album, the band participated to a French Documentary about the statue of Xipe Totek in the museum of Paris, the documentary titled "Arts du Mythe, Xipe Totek du Mexique".

Youalauanatsij (Nocturnal Drinker), demo 2008
Xoxopantla (Times of Greenery), EP 2009 [ free download ]
Uitsnauatlampaj (The Place Surrounded by Needles), album 2012


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