August 26, 2016

HEID debut album for november

Today, HEID shared the following news :

After these months in the gloom, we're finally starting to see the "Alba".

Yes friends, "Alba" (Daybreak) will be the name of our first album, set to be available on 14th of November and it will have 10 tracks.

01. Triste está el Rey
02. Rumbo al Sur
03. Mortal es el Hombre
04. Alba
05. Bosque de Nubes
06. Buenosdías
07. El Buey
08. El Traidor
09. Arde la Rebelión
10. Camino Sombrío

“With “Alba” we have wanted to go further in the development of the Castilian Pagan Metal. Traditionals spanish rythms such as the “jota”, “rumba” or “zorzico” are the foundation of this songs, where we speak about medieval myths and our history through an extreme metal free of complex when it’s time to mix Black, Pagan and modern metal.

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