August 01, 2016

Interview with FIMBULVET

I interviewed Stephan Gauger from FIMBULVET regarding their upcoming double release "Heidenherz" for the main.

01. Hi Stephan! First of all, what means the band name and this band FIMBULVET to you ?
Hi Krissy! FIMBULVET is in the pagan mythology the giant or eternal winter, consisting of three consecutive severe winters. That means it is one of the signs for the Ragnarök Götterdämmerung.

I founded the band in 2003 and it means for me today after 13 years, almost everything. It is my child, I will always cherish, along with my colleagues.

02. FIMBULVET, founded during 2003, and is active since more than ten years from now. How do you feel ? Did you expect this ?
Of course I am very proud that FIMBULVET exists for so many years now and has been brought so much to light. Whether I would have expected that ...Well, I've never been thinking about it. But for me always were clear that it will go on, because I never lost the passion in it. I have always plans and goals for the band that I want to achieve. Nevertheless, do not underestimate how difficult it is nowadays to obtain a tape upright. In this age of stress and money can a strength and endurance ever go lost. Again and again we read of bands that have broken up, although they were sometimes really renowned bands. If you then come yourself up against certain limits, you must watch out that you don`t even falter.
So I and of course the other members of FIMBULVET are very happy that we have always had the courage to go on. And with certainty you`ll still hear from us ;-)

03. September 2nd, 2016 will be released "Heidenherz" that is a double CD made of the debut album "Ewiger Winter“ and the following one titled "Der Ruf in goldene Hallen ». Ten years ago, "Ewiger Winter“ was released… Does "Heidenherz" CD mean celebration of the 10th anniversary of your debut album or does it get another meaning for the band as for example, the will to play these tracks live again ?
Both! The 10th anniversary of the debut album was a good opportunity for a re-release. And since the second album "Der Ruf in goldene Hallen" appeared only in limited numbers, we decided together with our label "Einheit Produktionen" the two albums re-release. Now in a 2CD digipak including new design and 4 bonus tracks, which can be heard only on this production.
The re-release of the two albums drives us naturally also to play some older songs live which have already been incorporated into our future setlist.

04. What means that title "Heidenherz" ?
The song "Heidenherz" goes with us since 2008, when we published the album "Der Ruf in goldene Hallen". It has always been something special, just because of the guest vocalist Natalie. Over the years, "Heidenherz" became our personal evergreen because the crowd always wants to hear it and we also like to play it. So it was obvious for us to name the re-release double album "Heidenherz", too. Lyrically this song tells from paganism, of ancestors, freedom and ideals. The later two points are personally more important for me than ever. That`s why the title "Heidenherz" says a lot more than "I am a pagan". Namely, that you`re true to yourself and stand always behind your story and deed, further that youself never deny, even if you make mistakes and if you`re honest. All these are properties that can not be found so often, but which are very valuable.
These properties also flow through our first two works. They represent a certain rawness and individuality, which is accompanied by the feeling of freedom.

05. So, this double record includes your two first full lengths but also, four re-recorded tracks : “Walvaters Pfand”, “Wälderritt”, “Schwert aus Stein” and, “Heidenherz" track that is acoustic version for this time. Why have you recorded them again? Weren’t you satisfied with these tracks from the albums ?
Yes and no. Viewed from a musical point, we wanted for some time reprocess some old pieces. Times are different today, it has evolved on many levels. Moreover, of course we possessed not the know-how like today. For that we get pleasure to hear the old stuff in a new guise.The songs themselves are good and as far as we know, the favored of the respective albums. According to these criteria, we made the selection.

06. Do you plan to release "Heidenherz" as well on vinyl LP ?
Well, not yet. But who knows, maybe in the future.

07. Do you have some FIMBULVET songs lyrics that you like above others? Why ?
A difficult question. I think for me raise the texts of "Wargaztal" or "Brüder im Geiste", because each of them is written with a very specific and intense emotion.
But that is subjective because as a lyric writer I like all of them. Each text stands alone and has a very unique and special history.

08. What is the funniest FIMBULVET track to play on guitar for you ?
If you mean what song we prefer to play, then it is probably "Wargaztal", it always works ;-). The song is so energetic and fresh, holds many musical experiences and it's slim, too. In addition, the song is incredibly brutal.

09. You are involved in many bands, Stephan. I think to FIMBULVET sure but also MENHIR, and SURTURS LOHE for the main. Isn’t it difficult to manage for your life and everything, sometimes ?
That's right. Overall, I play in 5 different bands. Besides FIMBULVET, Surturs Lohe and Menhir, I'm still active in a progressive metal band called The Unchallenged and a heavy metal band called Demondriver. It is not always easy, but I have to say that it was my own decision and I have always a lot of fun in the various bands which have a wide variety of styles. You can learn a lot here. Primarily my interest is wide-ranged and I want to develop myself concerning genres and different instruments. Conversely, I can apply the learned for my own cause. I create sources of inspiration and Fimbulvet benefites from.
Sure, there is sometimes an organizational feat to get all the bands, professional life and private life under one roof. Well, I could say with ambition and a reasonable time management you get towards the good. Yes, so it`s partly, but most importantly are the people who surround and support me. Family and friends are always the one and only.

10. Do you have some shows and tour planned ?
Yes. Beside our "Heidenherz"-Releaseshow on September 2nd, 2016 in Erfurt / Club From Hell we also play on Wolfszeit Festival in Crispendorf on August 25th, 2016. On February 10th, 2017 we are in Heidesee at Frostfeuernächte and in May 2017 we play in Austria, more I can not tell. For next year there are planned much more gigs.

11. Einheit Produktionen will release this double CD and then, I suppose the record could be available here to that link but will "Heidenherz" also be available on some platforms ? Does the band get a webshop too ?
The double album "Heidenherz" will be sold primarily by us and our label Einheit Produktionen on:
Furthermore, the album is distributed by Soulfood. That means "Heidenherz" will be sold also at shops like Nuclear Blast, EMP, Napalm Records, etc., as well as markets such as Media Markt and Saturn. For example, our music is digital on iTunes.
We are very happy for such a huge market, which opens us. At this point we want to thank again Olaf and the whole team of Einheit Produktionen!

12. Do you plan to make and publish official video soon ?
Our first video was about two weeks ago, "Wälderritt [re-recording]" which was uploaded by our label on Youtube. For release date follows the second prank. Which song it will be including and in what form it will be published on Youtube can not be given at this point.

13. Two years ago was released “Frostbrand – Eines Bildnis Tracht” album. Have you got positive feedback ?
The response to "Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht" was positive and we were very pleased with the feedback from reviews and the audience. They highlighted in particular the songs "Uralt", "Totenbeschwörer" and "Monument".

14. One last question, what happened with your band logo within shield? Do you still use that one ?
Our band logo with the shield is no longer used. Since 2012 we have a new logo, which is more like today's music and style. The triskele in our new logo embodies the said three severe winter of Fimbulvet and has become a guidance symbol for the band.

Thank you for the interview, Stephan!
Thank you for the interesting questions. Further, I wish you many good interviews with many interesting bands whose music will be supported on Sword Chant at the highest level. Also for the support I want to thank you in the name of all Fimbulvet members!

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