September 28, 2016

Heres the opening track for the E-AN-NA EP

"Over the last few months there’s been a huge request for a specific song from our upcoming EP to be released. We have to delay the release of the EP for a few days, but until then, we present, as proud as it gets, „Înşivă”, said E-AN-NA band.

Their EP "Jiana" was planned for September 23rd, 2016, delayed to the 30th.

The following song is the opening one for "Jiana" EP. "The song revolves around the fact that man is his own and only god. It is a sort of prayer towards whatever divinity dwells above humankind, a prayer that obviously failed, considering what our first world has come to, considering how little man is able to do by his own. The only thing that remains is to access ourselves the divinity, the „giant of light” from the very depths of one’s being. The access happens either smoothly or violently, having the power to shape the world itself. With enough willpower, we can achieve anything and everything."

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