September 21, 2016

SELVANS : a concept record as a split

“Sun and moon, the perfect opposites. 
A dualism from which every couples of opposites of the known universe springs. A duality observed and widely studied, sung and represented in several ways during past eras.
The aim of this Opus in four acts is to give another interpretation of this dichotomy, permeated by the typical elements which characterize our projects: different from each other for their variety but at the same time similar and joined an unanimous evocation of the past"

I. Intro/ SOL
II. Selvans – Pater Surgens 
III. Downfall of Nur – Mater Universi
IV. Outro/ LUNA

Downfall of Nur and Selvans, together as one.
This is not just another split album, but a concept album composed and recorded by both bands, also performing on each other's tracks.
Vinyl limited to 300 copies (with 100 special copies for the preorders) and six panels digi CD.
Out November 7th on CD and one week later on LP, obviously via Avantgarde Music.
Preorder starts October 3rd, tune in!

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