October 31, 2016

Iron Seawolf

LOCATION : Cumbria, North-West England

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Nick Wragg : lead vocals, guitars, violin, viola
Sam Morley : guitars, vocals
Alec Jacobs : bass
Owen Evans (ex-WolfSword) : accordion, whistles, banjo, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Giorgos Tsianakas : drums

Iron SeaWolf was formed in 2009 when Nick Wragg recruited a crew to play a few pirate metal covers at a school talent show. After this maiden voyage, the lineup changed completely as crew members came and went, and the band took on a life of its own straying away from the covers and focusing on original material when composer and multi-instrumentalist Owen Evans signed up for the crew. Nick and Owen then worked together as a duo for a few years, writing material to make Iron SeaWolf what it is today. The band then expanded into a full lineup once more with Sam Morley, Alec Jacobs and Giorgos Tsianakas climbing on board. 

Hoist the Black Flag, album 2016 [ details ]


Contact : seawolf.of.iron@gmail.com

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