November 16, 2016

ASGARDIAN are back!

ASGARDIAN band that was on hold since 2013 are now back
and the band re-released their 2013's EP "Frozen For Eternity", remastered, for the event.

Guest Musicians :
Micah Haniotis (Blizzard of Oz) - Vocals
Mark Goddard (Blizzard of Oz) - Backup Vocals
Liam Guy (Elkenwood/Dragonsmead) - Backup Vocals
Laggy von Laggy (Malakyte) - Guitar Solo, Backup Vocals
Dalton Quade Wilson (Malakyte) - Guitar Solo, Backup Vocals
Ronn Power (ex High Plains Drifter, Valvetrain) - Bass
Sam Ludinski - Backup Vocals

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