December 23, 2016

MIDVINTERBLOT released Skymning

Skymning is the new record signed MIDVINTERBLOT and available for free download.

01 Intro
02 Eldföda
03 Natthamn
04 Dènya
05 Gammeldans
06 Hörgr
07 Trollbryggd
08 Northern Lights
09 Munskölj
10 Skymning

The band said the following : "In the summer of 2015, “Gryning” finally saw the light of day; blinking hesitantly, it quickly made itself at home, finding a spot to grow and frolic; we were happy for it, glad and excited – the little EP had been long overdue, and it brought with it a dawning realisation that we had something to say, that Midvinterblot was bringing something exciting to the scene.

And with that, we knew that Gryning’s larger sibling was on its way. We had a year of self-reflection, re-definition, and development where we honed our skills, pinpointed our goals, and added new threads of inspiration. The result is ready to meet you on this day – on the day of mid-winter solstice, in the twilight moments of the year, “Skymning” is here. With Skymning, Midvinterblot wishes you to experience the same energy and power as you have come to expect, only with more complexity, more awareness, and with a grander artistic pathos. We brought together an album inspired by fairy tales, folklore, and long, happy nights, and now we invite you to share in our creation.

On this day, the Twenty-First of December, the year Two Thousand and Sixteen – a year of twilight – we, Midvinterblot, are proud to release Skymning; please enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! Cheers!"

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