Fara í Víking by SKOGSHALLEN is out now

SKOGSHALLEN released "Fara í Víking" album in this new year's eve day and for free download.
CD version can be ordered to that page.

Last year, the founder of the band told me about :
The sound is largely going to be more bombastic with some epic symphonic elements. The main focus is going to be on two events leading up to the clash of vikings against the christians that is sparked by the burning of the Irminsul Idol in Externsteine, Germany. This album is going to be a serious approach, unlike Olrunir's Saga. The metal sound is going to be heavily influenced by black metal with lots of tremelo picking.  It is going to be our best produced album as well due to the fan support we have slowly accumulated.  
The album will be featuring one of the oldest SKOGSHALLEN songs ever written titled "Beyond The Veil of Midgard" which will finally be completed since its first incarnation in 2005.

01.  Donar's Oak
02.  Blood On The Mountain
03.  Ulfhednar
04.  Song Of Death
05.  Beyond The Veil Of Midgardr
06.  Into Lands Unknown
07.  Death Or Triumph
08.  We Will Never Forget
09.  Sturmlied
10.  Fara I Viking
11.  For irminsul
12.  Weregild (Our Revenge)
13.  Hacksilver
14.  Many Returns
15.  Der Grimmig Tod Mit Seinem Pfeil
16.  Krummavisur