February 11, 2017

RUNAHILD new album soon

Runahild, founder of the band ELIWAGAR, will release one first album under her artist name due to new path with her life. The full length is entitled "Seidgaldr". She said :

The title translates to "seid" which is an ancient form of sorcery in the Norse society and "galdr" which can translate to the word incantation/spell. 
One of my inspiration for creating this album was to try to recreate the kind of atmosphere and sounds that I sometimes experience when sitting in a circle among people, drumming and singing together. It always amazes me how we can harmonize to each other naturally, even though not everyone has experience with singing, drumming or music and not everyone necessarily know each other... but yet magic is here in those moments when all connect to one an other and let the energies flow freely. Some of the songs are actually based on improvisation, for instance recording different vocals without hearing the previous lines already recorded to focus less on technique and more on feelings. An other source of inspiration was to be found within personal experiences.  
The main theme of this album can be described as a journey to the subconscious or to the underworld, to wander through our darkness and shadows to nurture our inner self, to create light from our wounds and to grow higher as we reach deeper. Information regarding the release date will be given soon.

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