March 28, 2017

ETERKNIGHT interview

I interviewed Geiler, founder of the ETERKNIGHT band that will release its debut album soon.

01. Hi Geiler ! Back in 2011 was founded ETERKNIGHT, is the band name a mix of « eternal knight » ? 
Hi Krissy ! Yes, the name is a mix of « Eternal & Knight », cause the main theme of the lyrics would be telling an adventure of a knight searching for eternity (self written history) and all the albums will have a different sound for every « chapter » but at the moment it isn't in our plans, maybe in the future or maybe not, we don’t know. 

02. What bands have been your main influences starting ETERKNIGHT band in the beginnings?
In the beginnings most strong influences were Kalmah, Ensiferum and Rhapsody of fire, today we can say strongest is a « powerish » Ensiferum within more folky sound

03. You have released two EP’s « Ragnarök » back in 2014 and last year was released « Winter’s Calling » - Both available for free download through your bandcamp page. How did the listeners like the two EP’s ? 
The response of the people was most noticeable with « Winter’s Calling » it has a bad sound quality and production but the Eterknight’sound was more defined, the song Winter’s Calling has 14k views on youtube and counting. 

04. This year will be released your debut album "Forgotten Tales". 
How many tracks to expect on that record ?
We are expecting about 9-11 tracks with at least 1hr of total play

05. What step of the making process of the album are you in ?
We are finishing details on the songs and the lyrics practically it’s ready

06. Soon will end your crowdfunding project launched for the album, but it seems that it didn’t work so well. What happened ?
In the last days we found some errors that we didn’t saw at the start, for example, the facebook ads didn't worked properly, you need to invest a lot for reaching some people is more expensive that paying a marketing plan or something like that, second we choose the wrong platform, some people want to donate but the only way was credit and debit card and a lot of people doesnt have one or their bank don’t let them make payments to us from their countries, also we did’t had a correct plan for promotion.

07. Can you describe the artwork for your debut album ? 
Very good question, the artwork has a lot to do with the concept of the album, yes ! it has a concept, that warrior is the last one who survived from an epic journey, and he is finally fighting with the dragon, and the back cover will have the ending :)

08. What are the forgotten tales available on the album ? 
Every song it’s place or a « chapter » of the history, it will begin with an epic and majestic orch intro narrating the memories of the warrior who tells the « Forgotten Tales » through all the songs, of his journey ending with our most long song (about 10 minutes). Every song have a particular sound for giving the « touch » of the place or the part of the history, for example, the intro is totally orchestral it has some narration of the memories of the warrior who is going to tell the whole history, 
It has ambiental sounds that will lead you to another place, it prepares you for the ambience and the history, there’s a song in the album which tells about a inn where the warriors found someone who help them in the journey, so you can expect a lot of histories and different ambiences for every song, I think that is the most complex music that we had written until today, very very epic, medieval and majestic. 

09. What is the release date ?
Unfotunately we didn’t reach our goal, in tha way we would release it in this summer, but now we need to save money and we hope it can be in autumn or december, maybe the next year, we don’t know how many time we’ll take us.

10. Will you play some shows soon ?
Sure ! We finally found a guest drummer who will help us playing some live shows, we are working on it.

11. What are your next plans ?
As we didn’t reach our crowdfunding goal, we’ll continue saving money untill we have the amount necessary for the recording, we don’t how many time it take us, at the same time we’ll be rehearsing for the future local live shows and depending on the album response maybe we’ll do a minitour. 

Thanks for the interview, Geiler. The last words are yours!
Thanks to  all the people whe take the time to read this, don’t forget to support us sharing the songs and the page for we reach more people!

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