March 21, 2017

JONNE : Kallohonka album details

Playground Music Scandinavia will release the second JONNE album entitled "Kallohonka" by April 28th.
JONNE has now become a fully active live band with ten musicians from the Finnish rock, metal and folk scene. The band consists of Jonne Järvelä, Santeri Kallio (AMORPHIS), Jan Rechberger (AMORPHIS), Natalie Koskinen (SHAPE OF DESPAIR), Eero Haula (OCEANWAKE), Jussi Rautio (BATTLELORE, LOVIJATAR), Yovan Nagwetch (WABANAG), Pinja Lintonen, Matti Karjalainen and Toni Perttula. Also Ante Aikio, a well-known Saami artist, features on several tracks on the album.

"Kallohonka" is based on eternal tunes and stories about the returning to foregone roots. To set the right feel, musicians used a variety of folk music instruments, such as mandolin, kantele, fiddle, accordion and flute, yet they didn't forget about some classic live-band instruments — both acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and percussion.

01. Vieras [ sound ]
02. Tanssi
03. Ajan Taakse
04. En Olé
05. Pimeä On Oksan Taitto (feat. Ville Sorvali of MOONSORROW)
06. Kallohongassa Kotini
07. Hulivili
08. Hauki
09. Yön Syli
10. Suojärvi
11. Rajat Ruumiini
12. Nu'tenmaqnituk

Pimeä On Oksan Taitto will be also part of a horor movie "Backwood Madness" settled for October 2017 and its music video will be directed by Ari Savonen, the same one as for the movie.

"Kallohonka" can be pre-ordered to this website.

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