July 20, 2017

Details for the new ENSIFERUM album

ENSIFERUM will release their 7th album "Two Paths" by September 15th.
Here how it sounds like :

Produced by Anssi Kippo (Astia-studio), the master was recorded on tape, for a true analogue experience :

With Two Paths, they once more affirm their place in the pantheons of the genre. Further building upon the thrilling metallic hybrid honed across six full-lengths, Two Paths is simultaneously the Finnish quintet's most epic and far-reaching collection and their most organic, which definitely sets it apart from the pack. "When we made 'One Man Army' (2015), we wanted it to sound more like a live album than a traditional studio album. With 'Two Paths', we took that to the next level with analog recording, cutting down tracks and even recording songs without a click, and because of that there is a totally different kind of groove compared to most modern metal albums," states bassist/vocalist Sami Hinkka. While their ideas are huge and they consistently prove they have the talent to back them up, the band maintains the grounded MO that has served them so well over the years, with the results speaking for themselves. "It all comes down to writing music that sounds good to us and is fun to play live, and I would say with 'Two Paths' we've done everything better than we ever have before."

With One Man Army standing as the band's most accomplished effort to-date, going into the process of following it up, the members were able to place faith in the intuition of each other, all driven to deliver the best record they could. For Hinkka, Markus Toivonen (guitar/vocals), Petri Lindroos (vocals/guitar) and Janne Parviainen (drums), this trust has steadily grown and strengthened with every release, and this same respect was also extended to former Turisas accordionist Netta Skog, who became a full-time member of Ensiferum in 2016. "Netta started with us as a tour replacement for Emmi (Silvennoinen, keyboards/vocals), so when Emmi wanted to step aside for good it was really natural to ask if she would be interested to join as a full-time member." As world champion of digital accordion, fans concerned that they may not be able to play their older songs sans keyboard are quickly reassured once they catch her in action. "Digital accordion is exactly like a keyboard with all the possible and impossible sounds, but with a different kind of 'user interface', and Netta really knows her stuff! She comes from a different kind of musical background, and besides being an amazing performer, virtuoso with her instrument and world class singer she is also full of creative ideas, so her input for 'Two Paths' was really important."

Never rushing to finish songs, Two Paths includes some that were first demoed seven years ago, and due to the care and attentiveness the band invests in everything they do, they maintain an enviably high standard. It is also a record with energy to spare, practically daring the listener to resist being caught up in its infectious liveliness. Whether it's the breakneck, ultra-catchy thrashings of "For Those About To Fight For Metal" or "King Of Storms", the crunchy stomp of "I Will Never Kneel" or the surging thunder of the title track, they never fail to grip, and when they slow things down - as on the cinematic "Hail To The Victor" - they somehow manage to sound even bigger. Likewise, the grandiose, heroic themes that have always run through Ensiferum's records feature in the lyrics, and while the theme of Two Paths - the choices we make, and the consequences of these decisions - also factor into this, Hinkka always prefers leaving things open to interpretation by the individual listener. "For me, it's really important that all lyrics have deeper, more serious and sometimes very personal meaning, while also fitting Ensiferum's heroic theme. It's a nice challenge to write lyrics this way, but it's also really rewarding to hear fans' interpretations of our music. There is no right or wrong in this matter." However, more literally taking the concept of Two Paths to heart, the record also includes two different versions of standout tracks "Don't You Say" and "God Is Dead". "Even though Ensiferum has always had clean vocals and choirs, harsh vocals have been the main style, and those songs worked so well with both styles that we decided to include both versions. Everyone can choose which version they enjoy listening to the most - and this will add a nice twist for upcoming tours: which version shall we be playing each evening?"

01. Ajattomasta Unesta
02. For Those About to Fight for Metal
03. Way of the Warrior
04. Two Paths
05. King of Storms
06. Feast with Valkyries
07. Don't You Say
08. I Will Never Kneel
09. God Is Dead
10. Hail to the Victor
11. Unettomaan Aikaan
12. God Is Dead (Alternative Version)
13. Don't You Say (Alternative Version)

Preorders for various editions can be to Metal Blade records :
--Deluxe wooden box (limited to 2500 copies worldwide)
--Limited edition Digibook CD+DVD 
--180g black vinyl 
--Turquoise blue-green vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 500 copies) 
--Clear sky blue-marbled vinyl (EU exclusive - limited to 300 copies) 
--Blue/orange/yellow-splatter vinyl (Germany exclusive - limited to 200 copies - distributed by Nuclear Blast)
--Golden yellow vinyl (Austria exclusive - limited to 200 copies - distributed by Napalm Records) 
--Olive green-marbled vinyl (Finland exclusive - limited to 100 copies - distributed by Levykauppa Äx) 
--Clear frost blue-marbled vinyl (China exclusive - limited to 100 copies - distributed by Yamin Records) 
--Blue-gray-marbled vinyl (USA exclusive - limited to 250 copies) 
--Forest green-marbled vinyl (USA exclusive - limited to 250 copies)
--Picture disc LP (limited to 500 copies worldwide)

*Exclusive bundles with a T-shirt, plus digital options are also available.

From September 27th, 2017 onward, Ensiferum will present 'Two Paths' live on stage.
Visit the live events calendar for tourdates.


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    --Forest green-marbled vinyl (USA exclusive - limited to 250 copies) --picture disc LP (limited to 500 copies worldwide)

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    --Forest green-marbled vinyl (USA exclusive - limited to 250 copies)
    --picture disc LP (limited to 500 copies worldwide)

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