A new split named Distrollbar

"Distrollbar" is the result of three folk Canadian folk metal bands united that you'll be able to listen from July 21, 2017 through all digital platforms.

DISTORIAMTROLLWAR and TROBAR made this split together featuring previously unreleaed tracks and covers :

01. Distoriam - Les Héros du Passé
02. Trobar - Marée Noire
03. Trollwar - Soup of a Thousand Souls
04. Distoriam - Magnetic North (French Poutine Version) (Alestorm Cover)
05. Trobar - Légende Indienne (Quebec Folk Song)
06. Trollwar - Nectars of Eden (Ebony Tears Cover)
07. Distrollbar - Chant Sacré (Metal Version) (Laurent Paquin Cover)