Kalevala (ITA)

LOCATION : Parma, Italy

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Daniele Zoncheddu : guitar, choir, bansuri
Simone Casula : vocals
Simone Feroci : bass
Dario Caradente : traverse flute, whistles
Tommy Celletti : drums

Past members :
Emiliano Occhi : bass
Arjuna Iacci :accordion, mandolin, percussions

Kalevala is a band founded in 1995 and inspired by Celtic Folk and French songs and other traditionals worldwide. The band said the following : "The shaman, the medicine man, the bard or the wizard, all speak to the Gods and to the Fathers,they preserve the tradition and free primeval instincts of war, orgies and dance... we call this Rock'n'Roll. Epic and harvest moved on the same level, asceticism and orgiastic rites were two faces of the same god. We took this as our initial inspiration in 1995". Movies inspire them as well. Their music goes from Folk, rock to hard and metal. Do not mess up with the other folk metal band Kalevala from Russia.

Fall, demo 1998
Worlds End Inn, EP 2003 [ review ]
Quinze Marins, live album 2004
Quinze Marins – Remasters, live album 2008
Rigmaroe, Promo 2008
Musicanti Di Brema, album 2011
Tuoni, Baleni, Fulmin, live album 2014 [ details ]


Contact : ship@kalevalahms.com

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