The Privateer

LOCATION : Freiburg, Germany

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal


Jonas Piraterie : vocalsKim Fritz : drums
Clara Held : violin, backing vocals
Roman Willaredt : lead guitar
Christian Spöri : guitar
Eric "Balon" Tobian : bass

Past members :
Jonas Reinmund : bass, backing vocals
Miriam "Miri" Weinzierl : violin, backing vocals
Daniel Hipp : keyboards
Chris Hilfinger : keyboards
Julius "Dschuls" Liebing : bass
Pablo Heist : vocals
Daniel Priegnitz : vocals

Christian Spöri together with Roman Willaredt founded the band in 2007. They had several changes in their line-up since their debut. The lyrics are based on nautical themes and the sea, but they do not solely consider themselves doing pirate metal, despite some pirate songs.

Tavern Tales, demo 2010
Facing The Tempest, album 2011
Monolith, album 2013 [ details ]


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