LOCATION : Vilnius, Lithuania

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

? : vocals 
Greta: flute, vocals
Tadas Survila : accordion
Linas Petrauskas : guitar
Laurynas : guitar
Andrius : bass guitar
Vilius : drums

Past members :
Vaidas : vocals 
Simona : vocals 
Martynas : vocals 
Karolis : guitar
Robertas : guitar
Vygintas : bass
Julius : bass
Mindaugas : bass

Ūkanose means "In the mist", the place where the souls of ancestors can hide. Old Lithuanians believed that the bodies of the dead continue their existence as the fog  The band deals with Lithuanian culture, heritage, folklore. Some of their songs are covered tunes but of course reworked into their style. The band founded in 2012 by members and songwriters Linas Petrauskas and Tadas Survila. Ūkanose had several line-up change over the years.

Trijų seselių, single 2014