Sword Chant is back

Dear readers, artists and followers,

It is with enthusiasm I announce Sword Chant comes back even stronger !

I together with my new collegue, Taravilyaion, will care of this site, supporting bands as we ever do.

Before to join me, Taravilyaion was part of the Metal archives website. He will create bands pages here.
Still, I will include those into the listings of Sword Chant and will do the other common things like sharing news, tourdates... About tourdates, I added some in the calendar and can add more of them.

Sharing lyrics could be by us both, within all the required rules that involved - As always.

If Sword Chant was on hold online, actually inner, it was not as I contacted hundreds of bands - and for technical issues,
i contact them all one by one. ...Still, left some to contact, fixing the best possible that newsfeed issue, 
as previously explained.

My health didn't change or it became worse months ago and then, sometimes I may feel too tired to manage or work on a website.. Sadly, I can't guess when it happens and it doesn't depend of me... But because that health, don't expect me to go on a show unless particular conditions I think impossible for most of them... Then, all I can enjoy from bands now are CD's, vinyls and DVD's...

Still, I'll do my best here to support bands that don't support hate, by sharing their news, their upcoming shows, their lyrics, and with interview.

For the bands, their fans, our readers, and Culture, 
the shining sword will always be lifted to the sky.


  1. Great to have you back, Keltia.

    Taravilyaion, glad to see you support this website going forward.

    All the best,
    Ralf (Ancestry)


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