August 09, 2016

MYRKGRAV to their fans

MYRKGRAV shared the following words to their fans :

"Almost a year has passed since the last Myrkgrav update, so I hope some of you are still following this page. Why, you say? Well, because I have some big small news:

2016 marks the 10 year anniversary since the release of "Trollskau, Skrømt og Kølabrenning". There was supposed to be a follow-up full-length called "Forteljinger frå Finnefjerdingen", but due to huge changes in life-related circumstances, the album will never happen. 

My sincerest apologies.

HOWEVER, all of the material for the album minus the vocals have already been recorded and mixed years ago. As I am at this point confident in the fact that I will never muster the drive and energy to finish the vocal arrangements for the album, I am prepared to "release" all the material to the public - the instrumentals for the songs that were supposed to make up the album. They will be put up on Bandcamp and all digital streaming services.

One of the main things that caused problems with creating vocal arrangements for the album was the fact that I wrote all the guitar leads and riffs before even taking vocals for the record into consideration. As such, the unfinished songs are in fact far from unfinished, and presents an uncompromising collection of unique folk music-influenced folk metal songwriting. Despite lacking vocals, I am confident you will find the record feeling "complete".

Some of the songs for "Finnefjerdingen" also have vocals. These will be released on a separate farewell EP titled "Takk og farvel - tida er blitt ei annen". Translated, this means "Thank you and farewell - times have changed", which pretty much sums up everything that has happened with Myrkgrav since its birth. The EP consists of tracks from "Finnefjerdingen" as well as re-recordings of beloved old songs. The track list for the "Takk og farvel - tida er blitt ei annen" EP is is follows (but in not this particular order):

1. Skjøn Jomfru (from Finnefjerdingen)
2. Om å danse bekhette (re-recording from Trollskau album)
3. Soterudsvarten (from Finnefjerdingen)
4. Vonde auer (longer version than on VA single)
5. Finnkjerringa (re-arranged and re-recorded version from Trollskau album)
6. Takk og farvel (original hardanger fiddle folk piece)

Both releases will be available within the end of autumn. I am really looking forward to be able to finally show you all what I've ween working on for the past 10 years!"

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