October 02, 2016

Förfallstid, the next UTMARKEN album

UTMARKEN shared the following news :

With only 6 months since the first release, it is time to take a sneek peek into the future: "Förfallstid" is building up in a rapid pace.

The word "Förfallstid" is an old expression, whose literal meaning is "Time of decay", and in northern Sweden it stands for a time period between winter and spring when the ice is not possible to walk upon, nor has it melted so it is possible to put a boat in, for fishing. This time period it is not possible to hunt, fish, plant, nor pull timber from the woods etc... and back in the days the only thing people could do was to wait. Wait, prepare and hope the period was short. That the food supplies would not run out. Wait for spring to arrive so they could put down the seeds for the coming growth period. Förfallstid is a time of great uncertainty.

Though nothing is written in stone right now, the working hypothesis looks like this:

Album name: Förfallstid
Release date: Sometime in 2017, hopefully before the summer
Track list (order will change):

1. Förfallstid (Time of decay)
2. Ifrån byn (From the village)
3. Dit anden går (Where the spirit goes)
4. Kamplåt (Anthem)
5. Bröder i strid (Brothers in battle)
6. Vårdröm (Spring dream)
7. Läk dig själv (Heal yourself)
8. Vintervind (Winter wind)
9. Lidandets väg, part I (The path of suffering, pt I)
10. Lidandets väg, part II (The path of suffering, pt II)
11. Mitt Norrland (My Northland)

Album cover: Based on the above photo (which depicts a local house, said to be haunted)

So far, the select few that have heard it in its entirety in its current state say that the material clearly surpasses the debut. I know in my heart it contains powerful material. Material with more depth than the first one, and without some of the mistakes. There road ahead is still long, though... but there are no other options than to follow it to the end.

Have a nice week everyone

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