November 01, 2016

YOMI released Genpei album

YOMI band I interviewed late July now released their second album "Genpei". It will soon be available for ordering at Soundage Productions, their label.

The album is based on the history of the Genpei War (1180-1185). It was a war between the Taira (Heike) and Minamoto (Genji) clans, who vied for power in the realm. Many scholars consider the Genpei war to be the first true samurai war, which established the samurai as the ruling class of Japan. The war ended with the destruction of the Taira and the establishment of the Kamakura shgunate or bakufu - a military government, the power of which would surpass that of the Emperor for many years to come. Learn more in their interview for Sword Chant.

01. Gion Bells Toll
02. The First Battle of Uji
03. Scarlet Banners
04. Minamoto
05. All is Void
06. Battle of Kurikara
07. Fires of War
08. On an Empty Battlefield
09. Burning of Rokuhara
10. Dan no Ura
11. Nakts Debesu Karakungs (Skyforger Cover) – it means Warlord of the Night Sky in Latvian

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