Don't expect new review for now - Interview only.

I don't review from digital but physical records.
Reviews take several hours of my free time. Do not expect meaningless rating here.

CD's :
- Single : can be promotional but I don't see much interest in reviewing a single track...
- Maxi : can be promotional or not
- EP : promotional extended play can be accepted, but "for sale" version preferred.
- Full length : I don't accept promotional records but "for sale" version only.

Others :
- Promotional or not, Vinyls (all lengths) and DVD's can be reviewed as well
- Tapes and VHS can't be reviewed here..

I'll contact you once the review will be online, so you don't need to contact me again. I need time.

Some words about me :
I play guitar and various Folk instruments for years now. My reviews are written with passion.
Passion for Music, passion to help band in their path. None of my reviews are negative even they may sound alike but my reviews are my opinion as musician, listener, within dedicated knowledge (band, music...). My reviews don't mean that I am always right but bands have to define what sounds right to them after various reviews received.

For some reasons, I can't review music within too much basses. Nothing wrong with bands... 
It may depend of some setting x)

I don't review records related with politic or ideology since I don't support and I think Music shouldn't be used for this.

I am the only one behind the whole Sword Chant website and I don't earn a cent for all my work done with passion and will to help bands, and inform listeners. 

I know you are many to appreciate my reviews and interviews and thank you, 
but original records are the reward for those.


Krissy Dragonhead