Ad Plenitatem Lunae

LOCATION : Gemona del Friuli, Italy

Status : Split-up
Music : Folk Metal

Nakia Spizzo : vocals, tintinnabulum (bells), small percussions
Ermes Buttolo : German medieval bagpipes, musette du centre, traverse flute, frame drums
Maria Valentinuzzi : keyboards, shawm
Giulio Martinelli : guitars, backing vocals
Alberto Revelant : bass, backing vocals

Past members :
David Bressani : guitars
Marco Cargnelutti : drums
Giorgio Londero : vocals

The band founded in 2005 "for fun" but the things became serious in 2010. Their lyrics written in Friulian, deal with their region that is their roots and force, They said the following in the Sword Chant forum when it was back in 2012 : "It's in this region that we have our roots, and our music speaks about those roots, about the history of our land, from the point of view of the less important, the outcasts, the paesants and the people who believed in ancient rural cults eradicated by the Roman church (such as the cult of "Benandanti" in Friuli or "Canis Domini" in Germany)". Sadly, the band split-up during February 2016.

Ad Plenitatem Lunae, demo 2010
Tempus non est Iocundum,  album 2012
Acuile Uarbe, single 2015
Grame, single 2015  [ details ]


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