LOCATION : Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Luthien : vocals, 12 strings, classical and electric guitars, keyboards
Draendil : vocals, electric guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming
Beren Tol Galen (Eldensky) * : vocals, electric guitars, 12 strings, bass, keyboards, drum programming

* More details on Eldensky page.

Emerging from the depths of the darkest forests, the deepest halls, and beyond towering mountains: summons forth sounds of long forgotten ages. Seeking to capture the very essence of the Old World, and bring together melodies of the woodlands with the thundering heathen rhythms that remain unconquered over time.. Essentially brought into being in the year 2002: and having undergone serveral changes since then ~ Maglor is helmed and led by Draendil, Luthien, and Beren Tol Galen. Each individual adding their own creative sound and style - giving life to the epic that is... Maglor (words by Beren through the SC forum now unavailable).

Call of the Forest, album 2012
Asunder, album 2017 [ details ]


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