LOCATION : Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Beren Tol Galen (Maglor) : vocals, all instruments :

- Electric guitars (mainly my Ibanez Prestige and occasionally an old Jay Turser vinta GE Series strat-style) 
- Electric bass (simple Fender borrowed from a friend) 
- 12 strings acoustic (Takamine G Series) as well as a little 6 string classical that I purchased from a small music shop in La Paz, Bolivia
- Keyboards (M Audio Axiom 61 ~ using numerous software samplers including: Native Instruments as well as Nexus...I believe there was even some from Xpand 2 in there...)
- Drum Programming (all completed through the included Digirack plugins [Xpand 2, etc.] with Pro Tools 8 (A DAW that I have decided I will never use again ~ I have since begun switching over to Reaper since the release of Maglor's "CotF") 

* "The keys covered basically all instruments aside from guitars and drums heard on "From Forgotten Pagan Realms" - mainly due to the fact that I don't own (or have yet to own) these specific instruments. I plan to work on this and for future Eldensky releases I would like to have the actual instruments themselves (specifically folk; pipes for example)...recorded organically in the studio. Some definite mastering of such instruments (or collaborating) shall be indeed needed...  " Beren added once I asked him what are the instruments. :)

Eldensky is one of the pagan metal project by Beren Tol Galen founded in 2007.

Elder Tales, EP 2007
From Forgotten Pagan Realms, album 2011


Contact : http://eldensky.com/homepage/contact/

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