One band disappears while a new one was born..

Runahild announced today on the official facebook page,
this is the end of her Pagan Folk band project ELIWAGAR...

Her official statement is the following :

ELIWAGAR has come to an end for now, it might re-awaken in the future for a new beginning but that remains very uncertain. This isn't an easy decision for me to take, but life has drastically changed and although the darkness we are going through will lead to lighter days my inspiration isn't the same and the music I write now doesn't belong to ELIWAGAR anymore. 
ELIWAGAR is a project I started more than 7 years ago on my own in my lonely times. Today I have my husband even though this system that goes against those who fight for freedom and a better world has taken him away from me for an uncertain amount of time. Now I started a new project called Huldresagn which is not exactly "my" project, it is actually our project! Because although I am the only playing for it at the moment, my husband brings me the best inspiration even from far away and the music wouldn't be if it wasn't for him. This is a new cycle of life that is starting as always with a storm and chaos.
HULDRESAGN is dedicated to my husband and to all those who aren't afraid to fight this rotten system and fight for the right values. Here is the new page for Huldresagn and the first official song online "Lys i Mørket":
We are closing our label Nordafolk Records, we will no longer self release ELIWAGAR in the future. We still sell our previous releases until they will be sold out. No sold out CD will be re-released unless an other label is ever interested in taking care of everything (but we are not counting on that).