MYRKVEDR : Mattias "Rok" Andersson passed away

MYRKVEDR published these sad news on their facebook page :

"It is with heavy hearts we write this....
Our brother in arms, fellow musician and most of all, dear friend Mattias "Rok" Andersson have left this world...
We had the best of times playing on stage with him and touring around all of sweden, and off stage he was the most trusted friend who never backed down from helping anyone in need.
We laughed and cried together as family. 
Words can not begin to describe our sorrow and our thoughts go to his family and loved ones. 
We raise a solemn glass in his honour as we hope to meet him again in valhall.
Bort dör din hjord 
Bort dö dina fränder 
Bort dör ock du en gång. 
Men aldrig dör 
Den mans rykte
Som vetat att vinna ett gott
Rest in peace brother, we miss and love you.

// Askebloss, Hagal, Sumbl, Thurisaz, Runar"