A new HOK-KEY album is released!

HOK-KEY released under STF records, a new album titled "Kalasy Pad Siarpom".

The band comments : "The new album "Kalasy Pad Siarpom" is the second part of the duology. The first part, “Znak Biady" tells about the life of the martyred, but unbroken and powerful people. In the second part, we move away from the common theme, and refer to the cultural heritage and to create a certain atmosphere through personal stories that more fully disclose Belarusian soul, view of the world, anxiety and dreams. Actually, it explains chosen album name as humanity is compared with the ears of wheat, over which the threat of a "sickle" hangs and no one knows when fate will begin its harvest... 
The album kicks off with "Spoviedź z-pad šybienicy" - this is the life story of a famous Belarusian activist, freedom fighter - Kastus Kalinovsky. It is not so much a description of his private life, but the embodiment of the common destiny of all the wrestlers who have not abandoned their principles and ideas, even under the fear of death. General theme of independence and freedom is still a leitmotif of such compositions as “Daroha biez viartańnia" and "Pramieńniem nadziei". 

"Čalaviek padvojnaj zorki" is based on the epic of famous Russian author A. Green "The Flashing Universe." Of course, this is not the Belarusian epic, but it has the idea that is close to all humanity: everyone needs a person to believe and inspire for great things. The musical component of this composition produces a fairy tale and gives confidence in the realization of a dream. Distinctive folk work "Jablyčny smak" fully reveals folk motifs, both musical and lyrical. Based on a myth which shows the relationship of man to nature, and as in all folk legends, has its own didactic sense: for each action, the payment will come... "Spačatku bylo slova" dedicated to a very painful subject - the preservation of the native Belarusian language, which is on the verge of extinction, song is devoted to those few who do everything for its revival, the real "soldiers of the word" who often remain misunderstood. "Kali šumiać daždžy ..." is a real philosophical lyric about the transience of life and time, passing by regardless of our desires and nothing else left but memories. "Daliejšy šliach (Ruch II)" is a sequel of the song "Ruch" from the album "Znak Biady". As the first part describes the great historical past of our country, brave heroes, warriors, so the second part shows ordinary people who have to take arms and go for battle with the enemy. Tired after the battle, they want to lay down their arms and return to their homes. 

The final chord of the album is a bonus track "Onto the Battlefield. Everyone has his own fears and hidden demons who rush into the wild, with whom we have to fight every day to prove that you are worthy and able to stay human. Moreover, for us - to remain a Belarusian!"

01. Spoviedź z-pad šybienicy
02. Čalaviek padvojnaj zorki
03. Jablyčny smak
04. Spačatku bylo slova
04. Kali šumiać daždžy...
06. Pramieńniem nadziei
07. Daroha biez viartańnia
08. Daliejšy šliach (Ruch II)
09. Onto the Battlefield