I interviewed HELROTH

I interviewed Martha Gantner from HELROTH, also known as LilleFloytist in the forum. 
Questons were made before the creation of that thread.

01. That new project HELROTH was born recently. How that project came to you all ?
The idea to play together was in our minds already in July 2012, but those were just plans we didn't take very seriously at that time. We just felt our taste is very similar in music we like and we have a clear view of what we would like to play but that was back in our minds during summer, meanwhile we had a lot of concerts and the time went on and on. But then, we decided among us the “Under Folk Wings Fest” will be our last concert with VECORDIA, because the way that band took wasn't the one we wanted to go. HELROTH will be definitely heavier than VECORDIA and we would like to have more pagan oriented lyrics which VECORDIA never did. Maybe not in all our songs, but definitely in the majority of them.

02. You, Zapor and Ernest aren't new of the Folk Metal scene because of VECORDIA. How did you like the adventure until now ?
I think that was one great adventure for everybody. It has taught us some things definitely, and it gave us nice memories and a great start in the metal scene. We won't forget these amazing memories from the tours and concerts. We won't forget our fans and hope that we just go the way we wanted VECORDIA to go.

03. So, you 3 have left VECORDIA. ...Why? What happened with VECORDIA ?
As I said previously, we had a different opinion about playing music, we wanted leading male vocals, pagan themed songs and a heavier, more aggressive sound. VECORDIA definitely went another way and sounded pop-rock more than metal to us. VECORDIA already found new members and you can check them out on their facebook.

04. Are the other HELROTH members from another band too ?
As far as I know Orthank, our lead vocalist is singing in VEEHAL, a polish death metal band.

05. What means HELROTH exactly or what is it about ?
"Hel" is the goddess of the Underworld in the Scandinavian mythology. "Roth" can have various meanings. It can come from the Proto-Germanic word for fame, but it can also be connected with the Anglo-Saxon word for the color red.

06. How would you describe HELROTH music ? 
I think it's mostly pagan/folk metal with some melodic death and black metal influences. You can hear these influences in some of the riffs and the drums. It'll be definitely heavier than VECORDIA. Now, we have two guitars and I think it would be nice to build up some harmonies and solos like WINTERSUN did. We like the sound of male vocals with a traditional female voice too, and this will be definitely used in our music. I have the chance to play different flutes, and that is something I'm very glad about. 

07. What are the lyrics about ?
Mostly old legends, tales, songs about the bravery of our ancestors, the pagan Gods. The lyrics will definitely vary a bit and many of them will be in english and maybe other foreign languages.

08. You uploaded one song in youtube entitled "Przasniczka". Can you tell us more about ? 
This song was written by me when I still played in VECORDIA. I allowed VECORDIA to play the song in concerts after my leaving, but I didn't give them the permission to record and publish it. Sadly, they didn't listen to me and have stolen my work.
The title of the song means "weaving girl" and tells a story written by the brothers Grimm known as "Rumpelstiltskin". I think it's a well-known tale, Rumpelstiltskin helps the millers daughter to weave golden threads out of plain straw, but wants something in exchange. She gives him her ring, her pendant, but the last night she has nothing else to offer him so Rumpelstiltskin wants her firstborn child. Big thanks to Michał Kwiecień who did the drums and Karina from MORHANA who sung with me in "Przasniczka"!

09. What are HELROTH plans in a near future ?
We have a little surprise for you at the beginning of the new year. The next step is the promo that we promise to release in February, it will be released and probably available for download. Also, we're going to have a spring tour, not only in Poland, but our friends from CRUADALACH invited us to play two concerts in Czech Republic, one in Prague and the other one in Brno.

10. Do you have some words to say to the Folk Metal listeners reading the interview ?
Watch out for our surprise that's coming soon, support the bands you like and just keep on folkin'! : )

Thank you, Martha!