Tray Of Gift

LOCATION : Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Status : Active
Music : Folk Metal

Rodrigo Berne (Tuatha De Danann) : guitar, 12-strings guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals
Giovani Gomes (Tuatha De Danann) : bass, backing vocals
Adriano Sarto : lead vocals
Wilson Melkor (ex-Tuatha De Danann) : drums, bongos, drum, rattles, ganza de pratinela, half moon tambourine
Felipe Batiston (ex-Tuatha De Danann) : keyboards, acoustic guitar, banjo, backing vocals
Marcos Teixeira : transverse flute, whistles

Rodrigo Berne founded the band in 2010. The idea for Tray of Gift's name came from a man who lives in the mountains of a town near Tray of Gift one (Varginha, Brazil). In this town, covered by stones are many mystical stories, beautful waterfalls and a good place to consume mushrooms. That man, who lives away from the people of the town, would have met Rodrigo Berne and offered him a tray full of mushrooms (Zebu kind), Rodrigo asked him how he could give back the tray and the man said that was a gift. Medieval, Celtic, and Folk Music are the inspirations for the songs and the lyrical inspirations are the medieval legends and Irish stories but the band creates also its own tales and myths ; as Rodrigo Berne did for the famous dwarf Finganfor of the second album of Tuatha de Danann, and lots of other characters and magical places.

Tray Of Gift, album 2012
Learning To Be Alone, single 2014 [ details ]


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