Our forum is back to http://swordchant.go-board.com/

Since Winter Solstice, our forum http://sword-chant.com/ is back to its previous url: http://swordchant.go-board.com/ and after some discuss with the tech of the firm, they can't redirect links as they did the first time but to the other sense (.com to go-board.com).

Some times ago, some of you may remember, I won this domain name as one prize in one game. Nowadays and for some reasons i'll explain below, I refuse to get it back even I could if wanted. Also and since this year, we have this website http://sword-chant.blogspot.com/ as main address now.

The consequencies of this change of web address are all links starting by sword-chant.com have broken. It means I have to fix all links of the forum (threads from 2007 to 2013) inserted to bands lists, albums to come, bands threads, html pages (project, concerts...) but also this website and... everywhere because them all have broken. 

One example with ADAVANT thread:
http://www.sword-chant.com/t1134-adavant (broken)
http://swordchant.go-board.com/t1134-adavant (works)

Of course, I could never fix the links already shared to the social network pages but I started the work on some pages (explanations below).

If you have shared to your website this link: http://www.sword-chant.com/ as support and always want to support us, I advise you to change it for http://sword-chant.blogspot.com/ (main site) or http://swordchant.go-board.com/ (forum). These links are supposed to never change. Thank you.

I started to work on this problem
and I fixed the broken links to the following spaces:

- This website:
              - Menu
              - All entries from its creation
              - Links on both sides
              - They need you!
              - About

- Threads of the forum:
             - Folk Metal bands-list
             - These Bands Need You! (folk metal)
             - These Bands Need You! (folk)

If you meet one broken link to the spaces named above, let me know.

The next steps for me are interviews, reviews, musicians search, folk bands-list and then, I'll check and fix broken links from each band thread and all the other threads of the forum. Later and because of the bugs the tech is trying to fix, will be the turn of all the html pages but this work in all will take some times...

That's also why I refuse to take the domain name again that I won. Because if I delay this trouble to one year for example, it means one more year of new links (threads) added to the forum to work on when this problem will arise. It means even more work than now for me in one year. 


If you added sword-chant.com in your bookmarks, 
delete it and save this one:

Sorry for all the inconveniences out of my control,
I will fix all the broken links as fast as possible.

Have a great winter solstice!