They are not bugs...

This entry is the following of this one that deals with problems on html pages because of a new editor inside my admin panel. I found what's wrong.

Actually, the new editor doesn't support the codes i inserted through the previous editor while that last ever refused some codes i can do now with the new editor that works also very different.

It is one good update but too bad they didn't think to that fact. Too bad... Mainly for me because it means I have to do all the pages again that include:

- The Lyrics Database
- The Folk Metal concerts 2014
- The medievals & Folk Concerts 2014
- The Project
- Listing of Labels
- Supporters

It means days and days and days of work....

For now, the project is unavailable while the other pages are available but won't be updated until I create new code (new page). It means you will have to check also the fresh threads in our forums in addition of the pages to be informed. Sorry for the inconvenience but that's the only way to keep the pages alive already created since my edit on the project page killed the page.

Firstly, I'll work on the main page of the project to make it available again even updates on listing on its other pages couldn't be for now but it missing maybe 2 or 3 bands (to update) almost nothing and then, I'll work on gigs pages, I think but all those will take some times...