HEID New Line-up & EP to come!

The Spanish band HEID faced one big line-up change this year.
The current line-up is as follow:

Herrero: vocals
Noel: recorder, violin, dulzaina, back vocals
Ivanez: soloist guitar
Sergio: rythmic guitar, back vocals
Reuven: bass
Drakhai: drums, back vocals
Pedro: keyboard samples

HEID will release in the beginning of 2014 their very first EP entitled "Voces de la Tierra Dormida"  that means "Voices of the Sleeping Land" in English. Musically speaking, the EP will appear darker and faster, with more black and epic influencies. 


01. No Habrá Paz (There wont be peace)

02. Golpejar

03. La Mano Negra (The black hand)

04. Ruido de Batalla (Bluster of Battle)

05. El Canto de los Responsos (kind of 'Souls Hill', a place in Ávila)

The album will be online in around 3 weeks but you can already find for free download the Premix & Lyrics for the song Ruido de Batalla here.